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Have a Lawyer Review Your Kentucky Criminal Record For A Free Expungement:

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Register For A Chance to Expunge Your Lexington Criminal Record — FOR FREE!

The Urban League of Lexington is assisting qualifying Fayette County individuals to expunge their criminal records. Simply enter your information, and an attorney will review your record for eligible charges. Everyone will be notified of their standing and will be invited to learn more at an upcoming record expungement seminar. There is no cost to qualifying individuals. Act now. Funds are limited.

About The Program

The Urban League of Lexington-Fayette has received grant funding to help qualifying individuals expunge charges from their Lexington criminal record for free. We have partnered with Lexington criminal defense lawyers from to offer this service to qualifying members of the Lexington Community. Even if you don't qualify today, simply register with our site to receive a free determination of when you can clear your criminal record.

Real Lawyers

Real, local, criminal defense lawyers will review your record free of charge.

No Cost

If you qualify, the Urban League will cover the cost of your background check and filing fees. Clark Law is donating pro bono hours to complete the legal work.

One Trip

If you are eligible for expungement you will be contacted and invited to one of our seminars. If you qualify for finacnial appearances, we will complete your expungement paperwork and pay for it the same day. No additional appearances.

Save the Date: April 26, 2018

Our First Expungement Seminar will be held on April 26th, 2018 at the Historic Lyric Theater in Downtown Lexington.

Sign up now to see if you qualify for a free expungement of your criminal record.

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Some of Our People

Here are just some of the people helping to make this event happen.

Anissa Franklin

Annissa Franklin

Chief Administrative Officer - Urban Leage of Lexington.

Bradley Clark

Bradley Clark

Lexington criminal defense attorney and founder of the Unconvicted project.


Carolyn Allen

Criminal Defense Lawyer and Associate at Unconvicted.

Steven Stadler

Steven Stadler

Fayette County Attorney's Office

Dale Morgan
UK Office of Diversity

Dale Morgan

University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Senior Accountant and Special Projects Coordinator.

Liz Davenport
Community Engagement Specialist

Liz Davenport

Community Engagement Specialist with GreenHouse17.


Here is a collection of some frequently asked questions about our program:


Is it really free?

Absolutely. If you meet the income guidelines and requirements, the Urban Leage of Lexington-Fayette will handle 100% of the cost associated with clearing your eligible criminal charges.

Not all will qualify for expungement or financial assistance, that is why we prescreen applicants.


What Types of Crimes Can You Expunge?

Most misdemeanors and many Class D felonies can be expunged. Because of the complexity of this question it is best to have a qualified lawyer review your record.


What Does Expungemnet Do For Me?

If the expungment is granted, your criminal record will be removed from public record. You will legally not have to admit to it on job, loan, or housing applications.


Does My Charge Have To Be In Lexington, KY?

At this time, we are assiting individuals who live or have charges in Fayette County. If you have a charge outside Lexington, consult with the Kentucky expungement lawyers at Unconvicted.